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With a nomination for 2016 Album of the Year by the Association of Country Music in Alberta, Karac (pronounced CARE-ak) is a country artist in the tradition of those before him: a singer-songwriter-guitarist in the spirit of Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.  He combines his skills on acoustic, electric and lap steel guitar with dynamic, soulful vocals to bring his original songs to life on stage and in the studio.  Karac Hendriks and his band have performed at such events as the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup Festival and the Big Valley Jamboree.  His first two singles, "(Blame It on My) Youth" and "Can’t Help Loving You", received significant airplay on country radio across Canada last year.  Karac is clearly heading down a road that is all his own.

Born in Heinsburg and raised in Dewberry, Karac Hendriks began performing on stages throughout eastern Alberta at age four and hasn’t stopped since.  Making music is what he loves to do, and it is what he does.  He fondly remembers listening to CFCW radio with his Great-Grandparents while Model-T cars and old instruments were being refurbished.  One of those instruments, a turn-of-the-century mandolin from his Great-Grandpa’s youth, found it’s way into Karac’s hands at age six, and the rest is history.

As a guitarist and harmony vocalist, Karac toured with Gord Bamford and was the lone accompanist for Gord’s Bamford on the Beach concert with Aaron Pritchett in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  He also toured with many other artists, including Adam Gregory as well as with Sean Hogan’s Canadian Country Christmas tour.  But writing and performing his own music has always been Karac’s true calling so he finally said goodbye to his supporting musician role.

The Association of Country Music in Alberta (ACMA) nominated Karac Hendriks’ self-titled debut album for 2016 Album of the Year.  The album was co-produced with Scott Greene (guitarist for the Derina Harvey Band and Van Halst) and recorded at Powersound Studios in Edmonton, Alberta.  It features outstanding performances from musicians Travis Switzer (bassist for Dallas Smith, Deric Ruttan), Curtis Ebner (bassist for Dan Davidson, Hey Romeo), Brad Tebble (drummer for Jeff Stuart and the Hearts), Ed Smith (bassist for the Derina Harvey Band), Chris Tabbert (guitarist for the Cadillac Junkies), and Matt Grier (member of Pluck n' Holler).

The video for Karac’s first Canadian country radio single from the album, "(Blame It on My) Youth", was viewed over 1,200 times on YouTube and over 10,000 times on Facebook.  His second Canadian country radio single from the album, "Can't Help Loving You", was the Number 10 all-genre Most Active Indie in Canada on the Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) in its first week of release. Karac’s song "Feel the Magic" was the official song inspired by the 2012 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games.  He performed the song live at the Opening Ceremonies and the recorded version found on the album was featured prominently throughout the Games.

With an ACMA-nominated album in tow, Karac Hendriks continues down his road playing on stages and radios everywhere.